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Terms of Use for the ASSA ABLOY Academy Learning Platform

Terms of Usefor the ASSA ABLOY Academy Learning Platform

Article 1 Area of application

These Terms of Use apply to the use of the ASSA ABLOY Academy learning platform. The wording of these terms can be viewed online on the entry pages to the ASSA ABLOY Academy under "Terms of Use" and in the scope of the registration form.

Article 2 ASSA ABLOY Academy

  1. This E-learning system is an offer of ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, Bildstockstrasse 20, 72458 Albstadt, Germany ("ASSA ABLOY").
  2. ASSA ABLOY offers information, knowledge and learning programmes on the learning platform with appropriate access rights. Access to the learning platform and the use thereof are subject to the Terms of Use described below. You are only guaranteed access and use if you agree to these Terms of Use.
    The ASSA ABLOY Academy platform is a learning platform, not a sales platform. If characteristics of products of ASSA ABLOY or other companies affiliated with ASSA ABLOY in the sense of Article 15ff. of the German Companies Act (AktG) are described on the learning platform, this is solely intended for learning purposes and not as a product description.
  3. The agreement on the use of the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy takes effect as follows:
    • You apply by registering for an online user account. In the scope of the registration you enter the necessary data (first name and surname, company, address and email address) and click to indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Use. By sending this data to ASSA ABLOY (by clicking on the "Register" button), you offer to conclude an agreement with ASSA ABLOY on the use of the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy in accordance with these Terms of Use.
    • ASSA ABLOY accepts your offer by enabling your user account and sending you a confirmation link via email. ASSA ABLOY hereby points out that ASSA ABLOY is in no way obligated to accept your offer.
  4. The user agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and is subject to ordinary cancellation by you or ASSA ABLOY at any time without observance of a cancellation period. The right to extraordinary cancellation remains unaffected.

Article 3

You recognise that the information, text, software, images, videos, graphics, sound and other materials (collectively referred to as "Materials") provided on the ASSA ABLOY Academy learning platform are protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other (commercial) property rights and that the copyrights and exploitation rights belong exclusively to ASSA ABLOY or their licensors.

Article 4 Use of Materials

  1. The right of use of the learning platform granted to you and the access and usage rights granted to you on the learning platform are non-transferable and you are the only entitled person. You are entitled to use the Materials made accessible to you on the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy in the provided scope (e.g. to read). This right exists exclusively for your personal use.
  2. You are obligated to refrain from duplicating, using, selling, transferring, publicising the Materials or making them available in another manner for other purposes. You must also refrain from posting the Materials in newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards, etc., unless corresponding permission arises in the individual case either from the Materials or the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy.
  3. If would like to use the Materials for purposes other than those listed here, please contact:

    ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH Unternehmenskommunikation und Werbung Bildstockstraße 20 72458 Albstadt

Article 5 Amendment of the Terms of Use

ASSA ABLOY shall send you immediate, text-based notification of amendments to these Terms of Use necessitated on the basis of the technical or operational requirements of ASSA ABLOY and which are reasonable for you in consideration of your interests. The amendments take effect if you do not cancel the user agreement within four (4) weeks after receiving this notification. ASSA ABLOY shall expressly indicate these consequences in this notification.

Article 6

ASSA ABLOY can add new Materials, amend or remove them from the learning platform, change parts or specific functions of the offering of the learning platform or decommission or discontinue the learning platform altogether at any time. Accordingly, ASSA ABLOY can limit the use of and access to the Materials and the offering of the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy as well as the duration and scope of use at any time. However, ASSA ABLOY shall strive to minimise down times and ensure that all provided functions are available at all times.

Article 7 Access identification and assurances

  1. You confirm that

    • you shall not disclose your identification (e.g. the user name which you have selected) or your password to anyone,
    • your registration data is correct and complete,
    • you shall immediately correct this by changing your registration data.
  2. You additionally recognise that

    • you are responsible for all use of the ASSA ABLOY learning platform which takes place using your identification and password,
    • you shall ensure that your identification and password are protected from unauthorised use,
    • you are obligated to immediately notify ASSA ABLOY if you have noticed or suspect misuse of your access data,
    • you are obligated to observe the applicable laws and legal regulations and to protect the rights of third parties in the scope of use of the ASSA ABLOY Academy,
    • you are obligated to refrain from using any mechanisms, software or scripts in combination with the ASSA ABLOY Academy and to refrain from all other activities with the capacity to impair the functionality of the learning platform or to burden the learning platform beyond the intended use.

Article 8 Suspension/termination of the right of use of the learning platform

ASSA ABLOY can partially or completely suspend access to the learning platform Materials or terminate your right of use altogether (access with identification and password) if the learning platform or the learning platform materials under your identification and password is/are used by you or a third party in a manner which represents a violation of these terms from the perspective of ASSA ABLOY or which can result in a disadvantage for ASSA ABLOY in another manner. In this connection, ASSA ABLOY shall give reasonable consideration to your interests.

Article 9 Guarantee and liability

  1. The learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy and the Materials are offered on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. A specific learning success is neither guaranteed nor owed. There is no guarantee.
  2. You expressly agree that the use of the learning platform as well as the learning platform Materials takes place at your own risk. ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH assumes no guarantee that the program functions satisfy the requirements of the users or work together in the selection which they have made. Neither ASSA ABLOY nor the manufacturers or developers of the learning platform is liable for damages arising from the use of the learning platform or its Materials.

The use of the learning platform is voluntary.

Data which you have entered as a user or with your use shall be processed automatically in connection with the use of the learning platform starting from the time of registration. Insofar as this data refers to your person, it is personal data. In this respect, the applicable regulations under data privacy law also apply for the learning platform. These require, in particular, specific information about the scope and manner of the collection of personal data and the type and manner of its further processing.

The learning platform based on the "ILIAS" software basically does not record any additional information beyond that which is specified in the application, collected in part automatically and provided in part by the user. In particular, the times at which users access the various components of the information, knowledge, learning programmes and other training offers are not recorded. By working through individual learning programmes, the test results achieved are saved so that they can be viewed at a later time by the user.

All this data is accessible to ASSA ABLOY in the scope of the administration of the learning platform, but it is not available to other users. It is only transmitted for the execution of this user agreement and the respective training measures and is not transmitted to other persons or places, even in anonymous form.

After the end of the learning platform right of use, all data shall be deleted immediately. ASSA ABLOY hereby points out that the user is solely responsible for safeguarding the data which is relevant for them (e.g. test results).


With registration and use of the learning platform, you grant your consent to the data collection and use referred to in this explanation. This consent can be revoked at any time by means of a corresponding declaration to ASSA ABLOY. You can also demand information about the data which has been collected and processed at any time and, if applicable, to the correction or deletion thereof.

Please send your revocation and/or demand to: ASSA
ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Bildstockstraße 20
72458 Albstadt
Fax +49 7431 123-2 40
ASSA ABLOY hereby points out that the aforementioned data collection and use are prerequisite for use of the learning platform of ASSA ABLOY Academy. Albstadt, 01/11/2013